Dear Members,

The Premier of WA, Mark McGowan announced the easing of public health and social measures from 6:00am Tuesday 4th January 2022.

  1. Masks however will remain mandatory in all public indoor settings, including workplaces, shopping centres, hospitality venues and public transport
  1. The mask mandate will not apply to the home, and will not apply for people doing vigorous indoor exercise.
  1. We are recommending masks be worn outside when you cannot physically distance – so we are urging people to use common sense.
  1. In addition, the mask rules will also apply to anyone who has been in Perth or Peel since Thursday, 16 December and are now located in a different part of the State

As always information can be found on the State Government website

COVID-19 coronavirus (

Your co-operation is requested to ensure that the Club is protected and the playing of golf in general is not jeopardised.

Board of Management